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Friday, 13 April 2012

Thursday 22nd March

WHY WHY WHY on earth did I decide to book the 8.30 flight back up to Scotland.......... it's TOO early, well when you consider a 5.15am alarm and 6.30am check in.

We are too early for the hot breakfast at the Sofitel but the continental one is absolutely excellent, I have bread, smoked mackerel, cheese and some fresh fruit with a gallon of fruit juice.

It's only a few minutes walk to the terminal from the Sofitel and we get there around 6.30am only to find the queues horrendous, no joke....... I haven't done the 'online check in' but an Easyjet staff member directs us to the online check in queue (trying to keep the other one down) - 15 minutes later the queue from the normal check in and the queue from the online check in at the other side merge............................

It takes us approx:-

1.5 hours to check in
15 minutes to get through security
10 minutes to get to gate

They had no alternative but to delay the plane for 20 minutes, there were too many people who were held up in the queue.

Then, around 50 minutes later a sight for sore eyes.

The Firth of Forth

Back home in bonnie Scotland

You can make out the Forth Road and Rail Bridges  here

To save hassle with a bus into Edinburgh train station (the airport busses stop there) then because there is no rail link down to the Borders at the moment, walking to the bus station, another bus and a taxi we have arranged a taxi to take us back down home, the driver stopping off at Tesco on they way to let us get some groceries in.

I'm home by lunch time and the first load of washing in the machine, back to normality....

Home (my house is somewhere in among all the trees)

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