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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Sunday 18th March 2012

There is no better way to spend a Sunday than lying in bed for a good few hours after you wake and simply daydreaming!!!!

After breakfast we head back over to the East Bank, more money needs to be changed and I want to do a little shopping.

After changing currency, out Mona (the scarf seller - remember 'women help women' ) appears again, we have already bought scarves from her but she tells us again that 'women help women' - she has no husband and is having a baby (I think she said the same last September and the time before that and the time before that).  Anyway, we politely refuse and she keeps shouting 'women help women' at us.  Mum's not paying attention to the high kerbs and stumbles - Mona just stands and watches and doesn't help - yes Mona 'Women Help Women' indeed lol!!!!

We do a little shopping in the fair trade shop ( ) , I buy a basket, some jewellery and a fabric storage hanger which will look nice in my bathroom when I eventually get round to decorating it.

The Stone man's shop (I really must remember his name next time - he polishes the stone's and makes pendants, earrings, rings etc from them) isn't open yet so we enjoy a coffee in the new 'Cafe Latte' which is just along from McDonalds behind Luxor Temple, the coffee (caramel latte) is good, sadly the coffee cake is stale, never mind the view more than makes up for it.

Cafe Latte - fab views.

Nice coffee but stale cake :-(

When we leave we check and the stone man's shop is now open, each time we buy 5 - 6 different pieces from him, this time is no different, I buy 5 pendants, mum 7 I think and he agrees to customise a few special pieces for me which I will pick up tomorrow evening.

We get the ferry back over to the West Bank and pop into the Yara supermarket for a few supplies (juice, water, chocolate etc) I want some jars of ready made Tahina to take home (not easy to get here in the Scottish Borders) and mum is looking for some of the little tahina biscuits that they sell there - she comes out with the whole box (100 I think) which sets her back £3.00 (Sterling) !!!!!!  I wind her up a bit about the customs man going thru her case ;-)

Later that evening we get a taxi from outside the hotel and head up to the Memnon Restaurant (on the other side of the road from the Colossi - not to be confused with dreams of memnon next door).  for dinner.  The view 'INCREDIBLE' - both the Theban Hills and Colossi are illuminated !!!! now the important part - the food - 'delicious' and incredible value for money.  It's a similar style menu to that of Africa further down near the ferry but IMO better quality and you get more for your money.  Included in the 30LE price was your choice of main course, I chose Shish Tawooek with that you get  a BIG bowl of Tahina, deep fried aubergine, aubergine salad, salad, rice, beans,  potatoes in tomatoes, bread and to follow a banana in strawberry sauce (with added sprinkles!!!!)  - I admit to overeating, couldn't help it - it was delicious, wish we had gone earlier in the fortnight and more often, will be heading back there for sure on our next visit.

I think I might have to invest in a tripod - this was the only decent photo of the hills out of the 20 i took

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