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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Monday 19th March 2012

What a FANTASTIC day (I am a lucky lucky Suzie!!!!)

This morning mum, Hazel (ElizabethH55 from TripAdvisor) and I arranged transport and headed north of Luxor.

Our destination.....................

A Pyramid..........

Nope, we didn't go all the way to Giza, Sakkara, Dashur or anywhere near there

Around 20 - 30 minutes drive from Luxor is the remains of a 3rd Dynasty step pyramid thought to be built by the pharaoh 'Huni' (the last Pharaoh of the third dynasty)

The pyramid is known as 'the pyramid of Tukh' or 'Pyramid of Ombos'

mum climbs to the top of the pyramid.

It's caved in on itself now and in need of restoration work.

We climbed up and sat in the middle of the collapsed part for a while just taking it all in.  Hazel who specialises in Spirituality / Meditation / Reiki thought it the perfect place to meditate.

Perfect place for meditation
Nearby the remains of the pyramid are some tombs dating back to the 18th Dynasty, little remains in the way of reliefs inside them but interesting none the same.

In front of the tombs are lots of shards of broken pottery, some pieces still with colour on them - we were very careful where we were stepping!!!

There is also the (mainly unexcavated) remains of a temple dedicated to the god 'Set' - you have to use your imagination here but you can still make out where the columns, outer walls etc all were.

A local farming family living nearby the temple were all out looking and laughing at these 'Magnoon' foreigners standing staring at what looks like stones and sand.  Seriously though they were all very friendly and shook our hands as we left.

On getting back to Luxor we all headed to the Ramesseum Rest for a few stella beers, sodas and cups of tea, mum managed to get a few photos of the bee-eaters you can often see flying about there - she was dead chuffed with the photos!!!!

(c) 'the auld yin' 

It was then back to the El Mesala and having a 'picky' lunch - picky as in cheese (the lovely soft white cheese you get over there) and tomato salad, home made onion bajhi's (delicious), fries, bread, babaganush - all delicious and we picked away at it all while having a good natter for a few hours.

Later in the evening we pick up the customised stones from the 'stone man' behind Luxor Temple, he has made a fantastic job of polishing the stones we gave him and setting them in silver, we buy another few pendants (temptation is always too great),

We have a wander around town a little, do a little more shopping, a young boy (probably aged around eight) proudly shows us his 'spice shop' he informs us that it's his shop, he owns it all,  he also has a caleche and a taxi, all that at such a young age!!!!!, he asks mum for 'backsheesh', I don't think he quite understood the laughter that followed from us.  Mum told him if he had a shop, a horse and carriage and a taxi at his young age then he surely had lots of money so why not give her some backsheesh as she is old and doesn't have a shop or taxi or horse and carriage lol!!! - that's how we deal with hassle best - wit and humour (it works for us anyway)

What is becoming quite annoying is that where the caleches used to park down from Sindbads and Hamees in the centre of town - now they are not just parked on the one side of the road but now both - double the hassle, I can deal with it easily but know it won't be so easy for newcomers.  The smell of horse urine is disgusting (worse than before) and you are left navigating caleches, motorbikes, mini buses etc having to walk up the middle of the road - not good!!!!

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