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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Wednesday 7th March

I have decided I don't like Gatwick Airport,  it has a fair range of shops (essential), eateries and bars (also essential) but it's just too big and every time I seem to go through security my bra underwire set's off the beepy machines leading to a 5 minute delay - seriously can security not see from looking at me my bra is going to have a larger than normal underwire, yet every time they have a puzzled look about their faces. I get frisked down (again), I have also learnt my lesson about asking for the dishy looking male security attendant to frisk me instead of the lady, no jokes with airline security!!!!  I don't set off the beepy machines at Edinburgh, Manchester and Luxor airports - just Gatwick!!!!

Anyway, as we got our return flights to Luxor with Easyjet for £140.00 per person including luggage, Gatwick it is.

I keep looking at the screens for 'call to gate' - there are a few people crowded round the screens, from their chit chat also heading out to Luxor - the gate no. comes up and everyone breaks into a speedwalk.

There's a woman who sends her son racing ahead at a fast jog.  Unfortunately she hasn't banked on us 'speedy boarders' and people who need 'special assistance' getting onto the plane first - she wasn't even first to gate (despite the sons fast jog to get their first in an attempt to get them on the plane first) but she still thinks they should be on the plane first and an argument erupts as mum, the other speedy boarders and I head down the tunnel onto the plane.  

We sit ourselves near the front (just incase they run out of bacon baguettes and ham and cheese toasties) and make ourselves comfy.

The woman and her son then sit behind us.............. oh the joys!!!!! 5.5 hours worth!!!!  The plane is fairly full and there are only a couple of free seats. 

Luckily things quieten down and we have a fairly uneventful flight, I have a couple of bacardi and ginger beers along with my cheese and ham toastie while flying over the Alps (with it being early March they look stunning with all the snow) and before we know it the coast of Africa, then the Nile and then Luxor comes into view.

On arrival at the terminal building we get our visa's and change some money, we would normally wait till we got to Luxor but as we are staying 'on the side of the dead' this time we know there is no bank there and  decide to change a little to do us a few nights.

We clear security quickly and go to get our luggage, as normal mum's come's off first and she rushes off to get to duty free for cigarettes (much to my disgust) - my case comes off, I go to head out of the building and am stopped by a customs officer who looks down at my small suitcase which is filled with pockets and rather bulging at the seams.

He asks to see my passport and see's all the visa stickers and tells me 'I have been many times 'uuuhhaahh, yep',  then asks what's in my case - I can assure you all it's just 'clothes and shoes' and a few bags of ginger sweeties and jelly babies for our friends Edward and Freda, nothing untowards at all.  

I'm made to open the case to show what's inside, I have to feel sorry for the poor customs man, when I open the case he finds my bras (not the smallest size on the planet) on top and female sanitary items.  The man blushes, to save him any further blushes, I lift a few items and show him that there is nothing more than essentials contained and he tells me all is OK and I can go!!!!

The problem (as discussed recently on Trip Advisor) is that there are some ladies who are married to Egyptians who take rather expensive gifts in for their husbands and customs was checking I wasn't doing that.  (PS - I don't have and have no intention of getting an Egyptian hubby!)

Our transport is waiting for us and we head out of the airport, all set for a new adventure in Luxor.  First thing we notice - queues for Gas (petrol) we hear there are shortages, we see quite a few stations with huge queues and that continues wherever we travel over the next 2 weeks.

For this trip we have decided on a change and have opted to stay 'on the side of the dead' much has been said about 'West being Best' so we thought, why not see.  Mum and I decided on the El Mesala Hotel, 5 mins walk from the ferry (just south of the Nile Valley Hotel) and with direct views over to Luxor Temple and the Winter Palace.

Check in is quick, we literally dump our cases in our room (no. 203) and head upstairs to the roof terrace for a natter with Edward and Freda and another ex-pat lady called Hazel who lives nearby the hotel.

We chat for ages before deciding to order some food.  

The food is good, conversation flows well and I begin to relax.

I also have one of the best nights sleeps I have had in a looooooong time.

The El Mesala Hotel - Home for the next two weeks

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