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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Friday 9th March 2012

After another filling breakfast we headed out of the hotel and hired a taxi to take us up to the Temple of Hatshepsut and then the Colossi of Memnon and Temple of Amenhotep III which is currently being excavated, they have uncovered some truly beautiful statues.

It was around 9-ish when we arrived at Deir El Bhari, purchased the tickets but decided against paying for the Taf Taf train to take us to the temple, it's not far to walk and the temperature again 'just nice' like a summers day back home.

There were lots of different Egyptian school groups, ages around 8-10 visiting at the same time as us, the temple was filled with the noise of chattering and laughing school kids, all wanting their photo taken and to say 'hello'

I can't seem to upload video so here is a link - Schoolchildren @ Hatshepsut Temple

After our vist to Hatshepsut's we stopped by cafe Memnon (opposite the 2 colossi) for a cola before crossing the road and walking up to peek over to see the excavations at the Temple of Amenhotep III

I've driven past many times but never stopped for a look........

A crocodile sphinx?

Is it just me or does he look quite handsome?

After the visit we headed back to the hotel and later in the afternoon took a short motorboat ride on the Nile, we had intended walking north of the ferry terminal for a bit but a captain offered us the motorboat for 50LE for an hour so we changed plans!

The sunken M/S Crocodile

It sunk a little further the day after the photo was taken, I wonder, will it still be in the same position when I go back to Luxor next?

Part of the corniche between Luxor Museum and Karnak Temple has been completed, the brown rocky bits are 'water features' - what do you all think? our motorboat captain thought it looked fantastic

There is to be shops and cafe's along here

The water features were sadly not turned on 

Later that evening we phone our regular caleche man Ahmed and say we will meet him at the ferry, hopefully he has Edward the horse with him, I don't tell the other horses that Edward is my favourite or they might get jealous!

Before meeting up with Ahmed we popped into a few travel agents near the Winter Palace to discuss prices for tours etc.

Not only does Ahmed appear with Edward Horse but the new foal in training too - bless, isn't she sweet. She is around 1 year old now as she had not long since been born when I was over there last April.  

Edward Horse and the foal in training

Ahmed took us up to near the Sheraton where we popped into another tour company to discuss possible visits to Silsila, Esna and El Kharga Oasis.  More luck here, they seemed to get what we were looking for 100% and we book the two day trips.

Onwards to dinner and mum fancied the Fortune Cookie as she really enjoyed it there last time, there is now two menu's 'The Fortune Cookie' and 'King and Thai' mum orders a sweet and sour from the Fortune Cookie menu and I order a 'Thai Yellow Chicken Curry' from the 'King and Thai' - I'm not a great fan of spicy food, sometimes the notion takes me for a curry and I have one, this one was just perfect - not too spicy that you couldn't taste the flavours.

Before heading for the ferry back to the side of the dead we buy Ahmeds nephew who has accompanied him on the caleche a McDonalds - he was delighted and I believe saved eating it till he got home.

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