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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Thursday 8th March 2012

I wake up around 7-ish after an excellent night's sleep, I lie there for a bit and can hear birds twittering and the sun shining in through the curtains, I pull them back and watch Luxor spring into life, people crossing the Nile on the ferry and motorboats, coaches driving past Luxor temple.

Eventually I drag myself from bed and have a long shower before heading up onto the roof terrace for breakfast.

With the El Mesala being a small hotel there is no buffet like you would find at some of the bigger hotels on the East Bank.

Breakfast consists of:-
A freshly cooked omelette,
Tomato or Cucumber,
Tea or Coffee.

Its more than enough to fill me for a days exploring which is just we decide to do and head off for a walk to explore the West Bank a little, temperature is just nice and there is a good breeze.

We start off by heading along the area known as 'The Ramla'

Before turning at El Salam Camp, and walking up the side of a banana plantation

And then following the canal back along to the main road

When we get to the main road we notice more queues for gas, one side of the road is completely blocked so traffic is going two way on the other side.  We continue walking back down to the Nile and along to our hotel.

You know what was odd, not odd in a nasty or horrible way, we spent two hours just wandering, stopping to take photos and not one bit of hassle or aggro anywhere, people did stop and speak but it was always a friendly 'good morning' , 'welcome' , a smile from local women, a 'hello, hello, hello and waves from the children' - This is a completely different side of Luxor, one I hope many more tourists will come to see.

Back at the hotel we put our feet up and read our kindles.
Reading my kindle with feet dipped in the pool

We don't actually unpack our suitcases properly until early evening before heading out for some dinner.

And another solid sleep.

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